GROW UP! #1 - Fairweather Fans

GROW UP! #1 - Fairweather Fans

   I’m a lifer with the mental anguish to prove it which brings us to this month’s topic—the Fair-weather fan. If you aren’t familiar with the Fair-weather fan let me give you an introduction. It is someone who hops on the “what’s hot” wagon of the day trying to perpetuate the fact they have been down since day one. It may not seem too important to a lot of you, but here’s why it matters.

   Many of you may not remember a time when being a skateboarder was the best way to make an entire community hate you, but I do. A lot of my contemporaries like to say this was when skating was still for “outlaws”, or something equally cringeworthy. Something to be known about a great deal of them however is as soon as the 80’s boom died so did their interest in being a skateboarder. We all go through our reason that we fade out of skating, but there are three main contenders’ that I saw time and again over thirty years.

A poseur on a skateboard

   First, is wanting to be accepted by others, generally to attain seeing them naked and doing the no-pants-dance with them. Second, is somewhat like the first only a lot less fun. As most of us begin skating at a young age we still have a case of the childhood "stupids" when it comes to thinking for ourselves. If skating is no longer accepted than you may have to really weather some pretty hurtful shunning to continue to do it, and a lot of people aren’t cut out for it. Third, would be the biggest deterrent, drugs and booze. You can fit into any circle and be accepted by doing these without the pain in the ass of falling and the effort it takes to skate. In all fairness, I was the biggest lush this side of anywhere, but mine unfortunately wasn’t to win friends. As I mentioned above if you’re going to go it alone into unpopular territory be prepared for your mental health to take a beating by everyone hating you for no apparent reason other than skating. What better way to accept the fact that everyone hates you than to drink it away? 

   The driving force of why I chose this topic was due to giving up my sanity due to my love of skateboarding, and it was worth it. It continues to bother me that there is a great deal of folks in skating that if it wasn’t plastered everywhere would be making fun of it with the rest of their mindless flock while skiing, mountain biking, dick whistling or whatever hot new bro pass time is deemed acceptable. I hold skating very near my heart as it has shaped who I am as a person in pretty much every facet imaginable. If you think that sounds corny you are who I’m writing about, and your opinion is more than likely insecurity that will hopefully wane with age. When skating loses its favor for javelin catching and ultimate French kissing some of you will still be here and I will look forward to us being friends.

   All the city officials giving the camera the thumbs up at groundbreaking events for parks will be the very same faces you see signing the orders to doze them when Tony Hawk is no longer on Good Morning America. When that day comes you will know who your friends are as history tends to repeat itself. I take great pride in being a skateboarder and the struggle that got me here. I take it as an insult when I hear talk of the good ol’ days come from the mouths of those who ditched skating while the body was still warm. If you can still take yourself seriously with all that delusion, be my guest. Also keep spending money in the industry for your cute outfits, the money that actually feeds the skateboarders involved in your purchase is well earned and long overdue. This isn’t directed at those new to skating at any age, but more so the goons who act like they were here all along when skating and the industry needed their support, and they were nowhere to be found. You can see your way out to whatever UFC, wakeboarding extreme high-five fest is coming next, Judas. As for my fellow brethren of the board see you next month, and may your next push be your finest. -Luke

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