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1750 South Queen Street, Exist Skate Shop, Lurker of the Month, Skate Shop, York PA Skate Shop -

Exist Spotlight - Lurker of the Month Lurker:  Louis Smith     Where are you originally from? York, PA How old are you? Currently 21, but I’ll be 22 later this month. How were you introduced to skateboarding? It was a childhood friend. How long have you been skating? 12 years Why are you still riding a stupid wooden toy? I can’t stop. I’ve tried. What’s your ideal setup/current set up? 75, big wheels, Indy trucks, Mob grip. Do you think you’ll ever lose kicklfips…. Like when you’re 68 or something? It’s bound to happen one day. What is it...

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1750 South Queen Street, Exist Skate Shop, Skate Shop, Website, York PA Skate Shop -

  As skateboarders we consume a ton of wood to make the amazing boards we all ride. We want to do our part and give back. That said, tomorrow Thursday & Friday we’re going to donate 10% of all sales to the @nationalforests foundation in honor of Earth Day. Here’s to the future of sustainable skateboarding!

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