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Black Diamond Grip Tape Cleaner

Black Diamond Grip Tape Cleaner

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  • RESTORE THE LOOK - Keep that griptape looking fresh with Black Diamond’s Dirt Remover gummy cube. This gummy cube cleans griptape with long, firm strokes. Stick measures 4.5" x 1.5" x 1.5". It is the perfect hand-held size for cleaning griptape.

  • REFRESH THE FEEL - Removing dirt and debris will mostly restore the grip to its original feeling. This means your griptape will last longer. Clean griptape not only looks better, but it also performs better and keeps your shoes cleaner. Clean griptape provides more traction and will give your tricks more flick.

  • IT WORKS INSTANTLY - Use Diamond Dirt Remover to clean dust and dirt from you griptape. Rub bar across griptape in long firm strokes, applying a lot of pressure. Black Diamond Dirt Remover works instantly, no need to let it sit or wait! Clean your grip and get back to shredding.

  • PROVEN CONCEPT – Sanding belt cleaners have been around for decades. Black Diamond Dirt Remover applies the sanding belt cleaner concept to skateboard grip by utilizing a comfortable hand-held design.

  • The Diamond Dirt remover is soft when warm and hard when cold, but it still works the same! It may not remove hardcore debris.

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